Gel-Pak, a Delphon company and a worldwide leader in elastomer-based materials and protective carriers for the semiconductor, medical, and electronics industries has announced today the appointment of S.E.R. Corporation, Tokyo, as its Japan distributor for the Gel-Probe™ product line.

S.E.R. Corporation, a global supplier of customized connectors, semiconductor test products, and interconnect solutions, is expanding its product offering to include Gel-Pak’s Gel-Probe ReFine, ReMove, and ReCover probe card cleaning and polishing materials.

Gel-Probe ReFine and ReCover sheets and wafers are composed of a proprietary Gel elastomer material blended uniformly with abrasive particles. This formulation effectively eliminates embedded and bonded debris from probe tips during the probing process while non-destructively polishing the entire probe surface, tip length, and shaft. Gel-Probe ReMove cleaning sheets and wafers are comprised of a proprietary, unfilled nonabrasive Gel elastomer material, which efficiently removes and captures loose debris accumulated on the probe tip, tip length, and electrical contact area during probing.

Gel-Probe ReFine is particularly well-suited for cleaning of high-value MEMs-type micro-cantilevered probe tips, advanced vertical probe with shaped tip geometries, and the most high-value probe card technologies. Gel-Probe ReMove is designed for online and offline cleaning of all types of probe needle materials used for advanced micro-cantilever, vertical, and large array probe needle technologies.

“We are confident that our partnership with S.E.R. will provide our customers in Japan with the exceptional standard of customer service that is synonymous with Gel-Pak. Having a local presence in the region will further our collaborative efforts to develop an expanded suite of solutions tailored to meet the demands of next generation test applications, further solidifying our commitment to drive innovation and excellence in semiconductor testing,” says Joe Montano Delphon President, and CEO.

About Gel-Pak

Gel-Pak develops and manufactures a family of elastomer-based carriers and films designed to provide maximum protection during the shipping, handling, and processing of delicate devices. Our manufacturing expertise allows us to customize existing products or rapidly develop novel solutions to meet evolving requirements for next generation technologies. Headquartered in Hayward, California, Gel-Pak has partnered with the world’s leading semiconductor, medical and electronics companies for more than 40 years.

About Delphon:

Delphon, specializes in polymer and adhesive materials and is known for solving complex product development and manufacturing challenges. By combining unique materials and proprietary technologies, Delphon partners with customers to move ideas quickly into novel products. Delphon’s well-known brands Gel-Pak, UltraTape and TouchMark are innovators of solutions for the semiconductors, medical device, photonics, aerospace and defense industries.

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