Texturized Film Device Carrier Products

Gel-Pak’s Vertec texturized film is ideal for use as a universal carrier for internal device handling applications. Based on our proprietary Vertec® material, this bio-inspired carrier uses the adhesive properties of a texturized elastomer to hold devices in place.

  • Available in sheet and roll format
  • Can be laminated to JEDEC standard tray or customer- specific handling medium
  • Holds devices in place during internal handling and transport processes
  • Accommodates wide range of device sizes on single carrier

Texturized Film Applications:

  • Universal fixture for internal device processing
  • Internal handling and processing a range of device sizes
  • Pick and place applications, requires no vacuum
  • Die sort applications

Texturized Vertec Film Configuration:

  • Film stack can be laminated to JEDEC Tray or customer-specific handling medium.