​Gel-Pak Wafer/Large Format VR Plates™

Wafer/Large Format VR Plates™are ideal for:

  • Full or partial wafers and substrates ranging from 75mm to 450mm.
  • Applications where contact with top surface or edges must be avoided.
  • Diced wafers on film frames.
  • Handling thin, high value substrates such as fragile InP wafers, GaAs wafers, AFM wafers, MEMs wafers.

How a Wafer/Large Format Plate works

The product is based on the exact same Gel-Pak Vacuum Release® Technology as the VR trays, except the VR surface (Gel & Mesh) is built on a larger flat plate instead of inside a molded tray. These VR Plates can be purchased separately or with an outer container box for storage protection.

A special version of the large format carrier is available to transport 200mm and 300mm wafers mounted on a film frame. When diced, the VR Plate immobilizes the unexpanded die to prevent potential edge damage.

Custom VR plate sizes can be designed and manufactured to meet your specific requirements.


  • Gel retention levels of XT, XL, and X4 available to accommodate variations in device size, weight and surface roughness. X8 is available as a special order.
  • VR Plates are manufactured using special Process B Gel material.
  • Standard Mesh size is 16, but 33 Mesh is also available upon request.
  • VR Plates available in brown phenolic (C) or transparent acrylic (T) material.
  • Storage boxes available in either conductive black (C) or transparent (T) material.
  • Custom prints artwork (grids, company name, logo, etc) can be created upon request.

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