Gel-Tray® (BD Series)

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Gel-Pak's Gel-Tray product (BD Series) consists of a 2" x 2" pocketless plastic tray stored inside a plastic hinged box. Gel-Pak's proprietary Gel coating is applied directly to the surface of the plastic tray. Similar to Gel-Boxes, the Gel-Tray products are normally intended for manual applications in which devices are loaded using a vacuum pen, tweezers or fingers and unloaded using tweezers or fingers.

This product line offers the same functionality as the 2" x 2" Gel-Box, however the Gel coated plastic tray can be easily removed from the hinged box. This offers a convenient solution for customers who prefer to place the Gel carrier onto a holding fixture or raised pedestal during device loading or unloading and makes possible the loading of the Gel-Tray using semi-auto or fully automated Pick & Place equipment.

For device unloading applications that require use of a manual vacuum pen or automated Pick & Place equipment, please refer to the Vacuum Release™ (VR) products.

Gel-Tray (BD Series) Products are available in many configurations:

  • Standard Gel retention levels XT, X0, X4, X5, and X8 to accommodate variations of device size, weight and surface roughness.
  • 2" x 2" hinged box available in various bottom/top configurations using transparent (T), conductive black (C), and transparent antistatic (AS) materials.
  • Gel coated plastic tray available in either black conductive polycarbonate (C) or transparent (T) material.
  • A wide assortment of optional printed grid patterns readily available. Custom prints (grids, company name, logo, etc) can be created upon request.
  • For your specific device sizes refer to the Die Calculator Program to determine the number of devices per box type.

Gel-Trays can only withstand extended temperatures up to 70°C as a result of the plastic tray material. For higher temperature applications up to 220°C, refer to the Gel-Slide (CD Series) products.