Waffle Pack Lids

Coming Soon… NEW Lid/Clip Super System (LCS2™)

Prototypes available for qualification

Developed in partnership BAE Systems, Gel-Pak’s patent pending Lid/Clip Super System (LCS2) prevents thin semiconductor die from migrating out of waffle pack/chip tray pockets during shipping and handling. The lid is designed to work with a new highly engineered clip that uniformly compresses the tray and lid together.

  • “Gold” colored ESD Class 000 static dissipative molded clip and lid (SR < E9 ohms)
  • Padded lid with integrated interleaf material options: Industry standard anti-static Tyvek paper or ultra-pure static dissipative black polystyrene
  • Eliminates the manual placement and misalignment and/or pinching of Tyvek paper when loading waffle pack
  • Silicone-free
  • Uniformly seals each individual tray pocket
  • Compensates for common waffle pack lid/tray warpage conditions that create gaps that enable die migration
  • Saves significant costs associated with yield loss, rework labor and RMAs caused by die migration issue

Part Numbers:

GP-LCS2-LID-T: LCS2 Gold Padded Lid w/ White Tyvek Interleaf Material

GP-LCS2-LID-E : LCS2 Lid Padded Lid w/ Black Polystyrene Interleaf Material

GP-LCS2-CLIP: LCS2 Gold Clip

Standard Waffle Pack Lids

Gel-Pak’s padded waffle pack lids are comprised of a 2” polycarbonate lid with a thick pad and interleaf material laminated to the inside surface. The lids seal pockets of industry standard waffle pack chip trays to prevent die from moving or migrating during shipping, handling and processing.

Part Numbers:

GPL-22C-93S-T: Black Padded Lid w/ White Tyvek Interleaf Material

GPL-22C-93S-E: Black Padded Lid w/ Black Polystyrene Interleaf Material