LCS2™ Waffle Pack Lid/Clip Super System

Developed in partnership BAE Systems, Gel-Pak’s patent pending Lid/Clip Super System (LCS2) prevents thin semiconductor die from migrating out of waffle pack/chip tray pockets during shipping and handling. The lid is designed to work with a new highly engineered clip that uniformly compresses the tray and lid together.

  • “Gold” colored ESD Class 0 static dissipative molded lid and clip (SR < E9 ohms)
  • Padded lid with integrated industry standard static dissipative Tyvek
  • Eliminates the costly and laborious manual placement and misalignment and/or pinching of Tyvek inserts when loading waffle pack
  • Silicone-free
  • Compensates for common waffle pack lid/tray warpage that creates gaps that enable die migration
  • Uniformly seals each individual tray pocket
  • Saves significant costs associated with yield loss, rework labor and RMAs caused by die migration issue. 50% reduction in assembly labor

Part Numbers:

GP-LCS2-LID-T: LCS2 Gold Padded Lid w/ White Tyvek Interleaf Material

GP-LCS2-CLIP: LCS2 Gold Clip