LS4 Waffle Pack Lid


Shipping today’s die (<600µm) in industry standard 4” waffle packs presents a challenge for many semiconductor manufacturers. Thin devices packaged in these 4” chip trays have a tendency to migrate out of pocket causing increased cost in rework labor and yield loss.

Gel-Pak’s LS4 padded waffle pack lid prevents die from migrating out of 4” waffle pack/chip tray pockets during shipping and handling. The LS4 lid, based on same technology as the patented LCS2 lid, is designed to work with Gel-Pak’s standard 4” clip which tightly compresses the tray and lid to prevent die migration.


  • Uniformly seals each individual tray pocket
  • Helps compensates for common waffle pack lid/tray warpage conditions that create gaps that enable die migration
  • Saves significant costs associated with yield loss, rework labor and RMAs caused by die migration issues Integrated anti-static Tyvek interleaf material
  • Eliminates the manual placement and misalignment and/or pinching of Tyvek paper when loading waffle pack
  • Static dissipative padded lid (SR < E9 ohms)
  • Silicone-free

Die Migration

Die Migration under X-Ray