VTX 2” Pocketless Device Handling Tray

Gel-Pak has developed a prototype 2”x 2” pocketless device carrier that provides superior protection over traditional pocketed waffle pack products. Based on our proprietary Vertec® material, this bio-inspired carrier uses the adhesive properties of a texturized elastomer to hold devices in place.

  • Devices can be easily offloaded manually or with automated pick-and-place equipment
  • Compatible with device sizes 250µm to 5.0mm
  • Ideally suited for thin die
  • No die migration
  • No vacuum required

VTX Applications:

  • Handling small, thin IC’s or optics
  • Securing devices that tend to migrate out of pockets of traditional waffle packs
  • Devices where direct contact with the top surface or edges should be avoided.
  • Devices that are handled with tweezers or by hand.
  • Devices loaded or unloaded with automated equipment

VTX Configuration*:

  • 2” x 2” polycarbonate molded tray with a textured, non-silicone Vertec elastomer surface.
  • Available in 2 textures
  • Available in low, medium, and high tack levels
  • Operating temperature +10 to +35° C

*4” x 4” Product in development.

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