Gel-Pak Vacuum Release™ (VR) Trays - (VR, VRP, VRV Series)

This extremely versatile "pocketless" tray securely holds fragile devices including bare die during shipping, handling and processing. It is ideal for high-volume pick and place applications.

The surface of the VR carrier uses a proprietary Gel or non-silicone Vertec™ film membrane over a mesh material to hold components in place until they are released by applying vacuum to the underside of the tray.

NDT | Nano Device Tray | Gel-Pak®
VR Tray in Vacumm Release Mode

A detailed illustration of how the VR technology works can be found at "How to use VR Tray products."

Vacuum Release Tray Applications:

  • Extremely fragile or thin devices.
  • Handling bare die.
  • No contact with edges or top surface of device.
  • Handling device sizes (X,Y) ranging from <250 micron to 75mm.
  • High-volume automated device Pick & Place applications.
  • For your specific device sizes refer to Die Calculator Program for determining the number of devices per tray.

Vacuum Release Configurations:

  • Wide range of tack levels.
  • 2” & 4 “ tray size based on JEDEC standard.
  • Gel or Vertec Film membrane.
  • Available in variety of tray/lid /hinged box combinations:
    • Transparent
    • Conductive Black
    • Transparent Antistatic
  • Can be customized with print or grid.

For devices smaller than 250 micron the NDT Tray should be used. For devices larger than 75mm, the Wafer/Large Format VR Plates should be used.

Choosing the Correct VR Tray

Mesh Size

Choosing the right VR mesh size depends on the X, Y size of your device. To optimize offloading performance Gel-Pak provides a wide range of mesh geometries (16, 33, 76, 103, 137, and 195)

Close-up of Mesh
Tack Level

The Gel or Vertec film membrane used in the VR Tray is available in a variety of tack levels ranging from ultra-low to high.