Gel-Pak Standard Quick-Turn Products

Many Gel-Pak products are built to order, however a wide variety of Standard "Quick-Turn" part numbers are available for shipment within 10 working days of receiving an approved Purchase Order or an order through our E-Store. Quantities of these products are limited to 2x Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

To take advantage of this fast delivery option, please indicate "Quick-Turn Shipment" when placing the order through one of our customer service representatives. Online orders will all be processed as Quick-Turn. All domestic orders are shipped via FEDEX Ground unless otherwise requested.

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Parts highlighted are available with 10-day lead time, up to 2 x Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)


Gel-Boxes (AD Series)

AD-11 Gel-Boxes

AD-22 Gel-Boxes

AD-23 Gel-Boxes

AD-803 Gel-Boxes

AD-1135 Gel-Boxes

AD-1155 Gel-Boxes

AD-1980 Gel-Boxes

AD-2025 Gel-Boxes

AD-2125 Gel-Boxes

Gel-Tray (BD Series)

BD-22 Gel-Trays

Gel-Slide (CD Series)

CD-22 Gel-Slide

2" Vacuum Release Trays

2" VR Trays

4" Vacuum Release Trays

4" VR Trays

Large Substrate VR Carriers

Large Substrate VR Carriers

Nano Device Trays

2" NDT

Membrane Boxes

Membrane Boxes


WF Gel-Film

WF-A Gel-Film

PF Gel-Film

DGL Gel-Film



Sample Kits

Sample Kits