​Nano Device Tray (NDT)

The NDT product line is designed specifically for the shipping, handling, and storage of extremely small devices (250 x 250 microns or less) that require unloading using a manual vacuum pick-up tool or automated Pick & Place equipment.
NDT | Nano Device Tray | Gel-Pak®
Nano Device Tray (NDT)

For these tiny devices, using the smallest VR-195 mesh density can still result in die tilt when vacuum is applied to the tray. Therefore, the NDT tray is recommended.

The NDT product is built similar to the 2" VR tray, but with the NDT tray vacuum is not applied to the tray for unloading. By not applying vacuum, the elastic Gel membrane can stretch upward ("tenting") and allow the device to "peel" away from Gel as it is being lifted. The unload speed must be reduced when using this unload process.

Nano Device Tray (NDT) Chart | Nano Device Tray | Gel-Pak®
Nano Device Tray (NDT) Chart
NDT only uses the lowest available Gel retention level (XT) and is available in both black and white mesh background colors for vision system compatibility.