PF Film

The PF is similar to the WF product except the Gel material is not bonded to its clear polyester substrate. This allows the Gel Film® material to be easily removed from the polyester backing material, otherwise known as "Free-Gel". The PF film is optically clear. The more commonly used version of “Free-Gel" is the purified Gel version referred to as DGL Film.

PF film is available in standard square, rectangular, and round sheet sizes or can be custom cut to any shape and size per the customer’s specific requirements.

PF Film Layer Chart | PF Film | Gel-Pak®
PF Film Layer Chart

This product is typically used for unique process applications where a double-sided Gel material is required, such as:

  • Process Handling Fixtures requiring optically clear film
  • Finger Print Recognition
  • High Temperature Processes (up to 220°C)

The PF Gel-Film comes in several retention levels and Gel thickness combinations.

Retention Level Gel Thickness
1.5 mil 6.5 mil 17.0 mil
XT X X -
X0 X X -
X4 X X X
X8 - X X
Gel Thickness Combination Chart

Custom versions of the PF film can be manufactured upon request.

Refer to the PF Film Technical Datasheet for more detailed information regarding the actual thickness of the film products.