​Quick-Turn Products

Gel-Pak products are typically built to order, but a select number of "Quick-Turn" part numbers are available for shipment within 5 working days of receiving an approved Purchase Order. Quantities of these products are limited so contact the Gel-Pak Customer Service Dept for additional details.

To take advantage of this fast delivery option, please indicate "Quick-Turn Shipment" when placing the order, otherwise standard lead times will apply. All domestic orders are shipped via FEDEX Ground unless otherwise requested.

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AD / BD / CD Quick-Turn Parts

  • AD-11T-00-X4
  • AD-22C-00-X4
  • AD-22CAS-00-X4
  • AD-22T-00-X0
  • AD-22T-00-X4
  • AD-22AS-00-X0
  • AD-22C-00-X4-P0037 (10x10)
  • AD-803CAS-00-X8
  • AD-23C-00-X4
  • AD-23C-00-X5
  • AD-23C-00-X8
  • AD-23T-00-X4
  • AD-1135C-00-X4
  • AD-1135T-00-X4
  • AD-1135T-00-X0
  • BD-22CC-02-X0
  • BD-22TT-02-X4-P0037 (10x10)
  • CD-22C-02-X0

VR Quick-Turn Parts

  • VR-16CC-02-X4
  • VR-16CC-00B-X4
  • VR-33CC-00B-XL
  • VR-33CC-00B-X4
  • VR-76CC-02-XL
  • VR-76CC-02-XL-P0037 (10x10)
  • VR-76CC-02-X4
  • VR-103CC-00B-XT
  • VR-103CC-00B-X4
  • VR-137CC-00B-XL
  • VR-195CC-02-XT
  • VR-195CC-02-XT-P0041 (20x20)
  • VR-44/16CC-00B-XL
  • VR-44/16CC-00B-X4
  • VR-44/16CC-00B-X8