Product Spotlight: Gel-Tray® (BD Trays)

Gel-Pak® BD Trays are ideal for shipping, handling and assembling optical components such as prisms, lenses and micro-lenses.

  • Holds fragile optics in place
  • Can be used as an assembly fixture
  • Ideal for shipping optics
  • Accommodates a variety of device sizes on one tray

This product offers the same functionality as the 2" x 2" Gel-Box, however the Gel coated plastic tray can be easily removed from the hinged box. This offers a convenient solution for customers who prefer to place the Gel carrier onto a holding fixture or raised pedestal during device loading or unloading and makes possible the loading of the Gel-Tray using semi-auto or fully automated Pick & Place equipment.

Gel Tray BD Tray