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Did you know that Gel-Pak has three new product platforms…

Lid Clip Super System (LCS2™)

Semiconductor chips keep getting thinner and standard waffle packs just aren’t designed to contain them. The result? Die migration. Gel-Pak designed the Lid Clip Super System (LCS2™) to eliminate component out-of-pocket defects resulting from die migration. It features a patented lid clip system that delivers uniform compression across the entire lid. Static dissipative materials provide enhanced electrostatic discharge protection. Your valuable devices arrive defect-free and ready for assembly.

Polyurethane Device Carriers

Gel-Pak’s polymer scientists have created a new line of Gel-Box™, Gel-Tray®, and Vacuum Release Carrier™ products that look and function the same as our standard “Gel” products, but are made with a non-silicone, static dissipative polyurethane technology.

Polyurethane Carriers

Textured Film Carrier

Our new Textured Film products hold components in place using a unique micro-texture similar to what is known in nature as the Gecko Effect. The film is ideal for in-process handling of small components and can be laminated to a JEDEC standard or customer-supplied carrier.

Textured film laminated to 4” tray

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