New Device Calculator Feature on Gel-Pak Website

This feature compliments the sites Product Selection Wizard (PSW) an interactive program that uses a series of targeted questions to recommend the ideal Gel-Pak carrier based on each customer's detailed application. "The Device Calculator will be a valuable tool for both new and existing customers allowing them to optimize the number of devices they can load on a Gel-Pak carrier based on device size and product type," says Darby Davis, Director of Worldwide Sales and Marketing.

Background: Founded in 1980, Gel-Pak has developed a line of Gel-coated device carriers and handling materials that offer solutions for applications where damage during handling must be avoided. The company's proprietary elastomer technology serves as the basis of its Gel-Box, Gel-Tray, Gel-Film, and patented Vacuum Release (VR) products. For further information on Gel-Pak's product line, please refer to their website at

Company Contact:

Darby Davis, (510) 576-2220 or

Marketing Contact:

Jennifer Nunes (510) 576-2253 or