Gel-Pak Announces New Portable Vacuum for Use with VR Trays

HAYWARD, CA, APRIL 28, 2011: Gel-Pak, a division of Delphon Industries and leading manufacturer of device shipping and handling carriers used predominantly by the semiconductor, optoelectronics, and telecommunication industries announced today the GP-PortaVac. The GP-PortaVac is a light weight, low cost battery operated vacuum pump system for unloading devices from Gel-Pak's Vacuum Release (VR) Trays.

"This new vacuum pump provides a low cost solution for our customers with low volume manufacturing and R&D applications, says Darby Davis, Director of Worldwide Sales & Marketing." The portable vacuum system is easy-to-use and can be used with Gel-Pak's 2 and 4 inch Vacuum Release (VR) Trays.

Additional GP-PortaVac Information

Background: Founded in 1980, Gel-Pak has developed a line of Gel-coated device carriers and handling materials that offer solutions for applications where damage during handling must be avoided. The company's proprietary elastomer technology serves as the basis of its Gel-Box, Gel-Tray, Gel-Film, and patented Vacuum Release (VR) products. For further information on Gel-Pak's product line, please refer to their website at

Company Contact:

Darby Davis, (510) 576-2220 or

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Jennifer Nunes (510) 576-2253 or