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Developing Unique Materials for Device Handling


To safely transport and handle valuable devices from bare die to medical components or other fragile parts, Gel-Pak, a Division of Delphon, is the carrier of choice.

For over 30 years Gel-Pak, an ISO certified company, has been an industry leader in guaranteeing safe shipping, handling and storage of cutting edge technologies ranging from 250µm chips to 300mm wafers and substrates.

Gel-Pak’s unique Gel Technology immobilizes the component to ensure damage free transportation and storage.

Product Spotlight: Gel-Pak ESD Membrane Box

Gel-Pak Thin Wafer HandlingGel-Pak's ESD Membrane Box is an ideal solution for storing and transporting three-dimensional devices that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge. Learn more...


Product Selection Wizard

Use the Product Selection Wizard to optimize your carrier solution. Gel-Pak provides both standard and custom products for thousands of customer device types and applications.

Gel-Boxes & Gel-Trays®

Gel-Box & Gel-Trays
  • Original Sticky Gel-Box
  • Gel-Tray, Gel-Slide
  • Accommodates Wide Variety of Device Sizes
  • Reduced Inventory
  • Immobilizes Components
  • Easy Load/Unload

Vacuum Release™ (VR)

Vacuum Release Trays
  • Format 2" and 4" Trays
  • Automated Bare Die Handling
  • No Edge / Topside Contact
  • The Pocketless Waffle Pack
  • No Molding Charges
  • Long Term Storage
  • Damage Free Shipping and Handling


  • Proprietary Elastomeric Material
  • Variable Size, Thickness and Tack Levels
  • Wide Variety of Film Process
  • Applications: Wafer Backgrind, Surface Protection, Process Fixtures

Non-Gel Products

Membrane Boxes
  • Custom Design Shipping Containers
  • Large Substrate VR Plates
  • Plastic Boxes / Foam Inserts
  • Membrane Boxes
  • Materials (Conductive, Anti Static, Transparent)
  • Logo and Grid Pad Printing by TouchMark

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