​Waffle Pack Lids

The GPL-22C/93-CB Gel-Pak's Conductive Lid with Thick Pad Liner Provides Protection for Devices Stored in Waffle Packs.

Gel-Pak's GPL-22C/93-CB is a 2" conductive polycarbonate lid, with a thick pad laminated to the inside surface, that prevents die from moving between waffle pack pockets during shipping, handling, and processing.

The thick pad in the lid works by exerting down force on the waffle pack, creating a seal that keeps dying in their pockets.

VR Trays are ideal for:

  • Extremely fragile or thin devices
  • No Contact with edges or top surface of device
  • High-volume automated device Pick and Place applications

The Gel-Pak GPL-22C/93-CB-SP151 is a 2” conductive polycarbonate lid, with a white Tyvek sheet laminated to the microcellular polyurethane foam.

The Waffle Pack Lid with Tyvek/Foam Cover:

  • Improves yield and reduces scrap caused by misaligned Tyvek inserts (Fig. B)
  • Prevents devices from migrating between pockets (Fig. C)
  • Creates a seal over each waffle pack pocket
  • Tyvek prevents die from sticking to foam inside lid
  • Tyvek layer adds additional ESD protection