​Gel-Pak Announces New European Distributors

Hayward, CA, January 20, 2008: Gel-Pak, a division of Delphon Industries and leading manufacturer of device shipping and handling carriers used predominantly by the semiconductor, optoelectronics, and telecommunication industries announced today the appointment of 3 new distributors in Europe and Israel - TELTEC Semiconductor Technic, Smart Materials & More, and A.V.B.A. HighTech.

These new affiliates are all leading distributors in their regions, each with more than 20 years of experience in semiconductor equipment, materials, and services. Gel-Pak will now rely on TELTEC to support its customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Eastern Europe. Smart Materials & More will cover the Netherlands, Belgium, and Scandinavia, while A.V.B.A. will handle Israel. "We're confident that our new relationships with TELTEC, Smart Materials, and A.V.B.A will provide European customers with a higher level of local sales support and expand Gel-Pak's already strong presence in the European market," says Darby Davis, Director of Worldwide Sales and Marketing for Gel-Pak.

Background: Founded in 1980, Gel-Pak has developed a line of Gel-coated device carriers and handling materials that offer solutions for applications where damage during handling must be avoided. The company's proprietary elastomer technology serves as the basis of its Gel-Box, Gel-Tray, Gel-Film, and patented Vacuum Release (VR) products. For further information on Gel-Pak's product line, please refer to their website at www.gelpak.com .

About the Parent Company: Gel-Pak is a division of Delphon Industries, LLC, headquartered in Hayward, California. Delphon's mission is to provide materials and services for the shipping, processing, and packaging of high value technology components. With the divisions Gel-Pak, Quik-Pak, TouchMark, and UltraTape along with a worldwide sales and distribution network, Delphon Industries serves a wide range of markets including semiconductor, medical, opto-electronics, solar, and data storage. www.delphon.com.

Company Contact:

Darby Davis, (510) 576-2220 or darby@gelpak.com

Marketing Contact:

Jennifer Nunes (510) 576-2253 or jnunes@gelpak.com

TELTEC Contact:

Thomas Bohn Phone: +49-7-903-91-44-0 Thomas.Bohn@teltec.com

A.V.B.A Contact:

Shachar Bard 972-4-644-9068 or shacharb@avba.co.il

Smart Materials & More:

Gerben van den Barg, Joop Hendriks: 31-62-20-55-598 or gbarg@smart-mm.com