Gel-Pak WF Film Used to Retrieve Bioparticles for Ultrasensitive Forensic DNA Profiling:

In forensics, it is sometimes necessary to retrieve genetic profiles from the microscopic amounts of biological material left behind in a crime.  The “touch DNA” evidence that results from shed skin cells transferred from a person to an object or another person is typically recovered by using a cotton swab.  However, there are limitations in successfully obtaining trace biological material using the swab method.

The sweeping motion used in swabbing an object in order to retrieve genetic data can comingle cellular material from the different individuals whose cells are present on the item. Therefore, DNA mixtures can be artificially created by the act of swabbing, which creates an issue in isolating cells for examination and characterization.

Research has shown that a technique using Gel-Pak’s WF Film has been successful in retrieving biological material in “touch DNA” evidence and will help the forensic community to characterize samples and subsequently lead to a molecular identification of the type of cells collected.

In this method of collection, Gel-Pak’s WF Film is paced in contact with the surface of the object of interest. A small amount of pressure is applied to ensure collection of bioparticles. The Gel-Film is then attached to a glass slide using it’s adhesive backing.  The collected sample can then be analyzed.