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Gel-Pak is pleased to offer online ordering of Sample Kits for standard Gel-Box (AD Series), Gel-Tray (BD and CD Series) and Vacuum Release (VR) carriers along with Gel-Film products. Each sample kit contains an assortment of part numbers within the selected product family to enable the customer to determine the optimum Gel-Pak carrier for their application. A variety of VR Accessories are also available online.

Online orders require a credit card and standard Gel-Pak Terms and Conditions apply. When ordering online, Gel-Pak will pay the standard shipping and handling charges (domestic orders only).

Gel-Pak Sample Kit Products

Gel-Box Sample Kit85.00
Gel-Tray Sample Kit85.00
Vacuum Release (VR) Sample Kit -Small Die (< 60mils, < 1524 µm)115.00
Vacuum Release (VR) Sample Kit -Large Die (= 60mils, = 1524 µm)115.00
VR Device Handling Kit280.00
Gel-Film Sample Kit85.00

Vacuum Release Accessories

Pen-Vac (VPV) (Manual Vacuum Pick-up Tool)56.00
VHP (Manual Vacuum Hand Pump)85.00
VP-24 Plate(Vacuum Plate for 2"/4" VR Trays)150.00
VHP-24 (VHP & VP-24 Plate)225.00
VVB-24 (VVB & VP-24 Plate)300.00
VP-900 Plate (Vacuum Plate for VR-925, 926, 927 Trays)250.00
VHP-900 (VHP & VP-900 Plate)325.00
VVB-900 (VVB & VP-900 Plate)400.00
VVB (On/Off Valve Box)150.00
GP-PortaVac(Battery Operated Handheld Vacuum Pump)77.00
Integrated Vacuum Station/Pick-upTool (GP-TrayVac/A)695.00

Please contact Gel-Pak Technical Support if you would like to receive a specific technical datasheet (PDF).

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