Gel-Box™(AD Series)

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Gel-Pak's Gel-Box (AD Series) is the company's pioneer product offering and the original sticky box developed back in 1980. It is comprised of a plastic hinged box with our proprietary Gel coating applied directly to the bottom. These versatile "pocketless" carriers immobilize devices during shipping, handling and processing. If you prefer a version where the Gel coated surface can be removed from the hinged box, please refer to the Gel-Tray® (BD Series) and Gel-Slide (CD Series) products.

The Gel-Box (AD Series) is intended for manual applications in which devices are loaded using a vacuum pen, tweezers or fingers. Unloading should only be performed using tweezers or fingers. For device unloading applications that require use of a manual vacuum pick-up tool or automated Pick & Place equipment, please refer to the Vacuum Release (VR) products.

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The Gel-Box (AD Series) is ideal for:

  • Devices where direct contact with the top surface or edges should be avoided.
  • Devices that are handled with tweezers or by hand.
  • Multiple device sizes (no pockets) in same Gel-Box.
  • Handling small components or large assembled modules.
  • For your specific device sizes refer to Die Calculator Program for determining the number of devices per box type.

Gel-Boxes are available in many configurations:

  • Standard Gel-Box sizes from 1" x 1" up to 7" x 5".
  • Standard Gel retention levels XT, X0, X4, X5, X6 and X8 to accommodate variations in device size, weight and surface roughness. Also available with Process B film.
  • Hinged boxes available in various bottom/top configurations using transparent (T), conductive black (C), and transparent antistatic (AS) materials.
  • Custom sizes available on request or Gel-Pak can apply Gel in customer provided boxes.
  • A Wide assortment of optional printed grid patterns readily available. Custom prints (grids, company name, logo, etc) can be created upon request.